WELCOME TO WESM - The Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (Blantyre Branch)

WESM has been dedicated to protecting Malawi’s remarkable diversity of animals and habitats for over 60 years. Strictly non-profit, we rely on donations from individuals and businesses in Malawi and from around the world to fund our work.

Feel free to scroll down and have a look at just some of the projects we are involved with…


Each year, thousands of animals are killed illegally in Malawi’s National Parks. WESM has instituted an anti-poaching scheme, to support the National Parks game wardens and help combat illegal poaching. A bounty is paid for each snare recovered and destroyed, and a further bounty is paid for any arrests and convictions of poachers. The Blantyre branch of WESM offers this reward in Lengwe, Michiru, Kasaungu, and Nyika National Parks. Last year alone, more than 1600 snares have been recovered and destroyed, along with 150 arrests and convictions for poaching and similar crimes.

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Rangers ready for patrol

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A park warden removing a snare

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A baby elephant receiving treatment for a leg caught in a snare

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Leg wound on baby elephant left by a snare

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Snares collected by park rangers and observed by WESM chairman

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Snares being destroyed via fire


WESM builds ranger homes, wells, student hostels and education centres, and other vital infrastructure in national parks.

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Ranger quarters funded by WESM under construction

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Completed ranger quarters


WESM is very pro-active in involving the local schools and communities in conservation works. Working with over 300 local wildlife clubs, WESM offers aid, training and materials for tree-planting projects, composting, environmental and wildlife education, as well as sponsoring movie nights and talks with a conservation theme.

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School children planting trees

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Children learning about the environment through games

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Basic composting practices being introduced

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Crowd gathered for tree-planting talk and movie


Every month WESM invites a guest speaker to give a talk for WESM members on a variety of subjects, including matters of conservation, animal behaviour, ecology, travel, and many other subjects. Click here to find out who is speaking next. And we are always looking for people to give presentations at our meetings. Drop us a line if you are interested and available!
There are also many different activities and fundraisers sponsored by the branch, including nature walks, camping trips, bird walks, quiz nights, black tie dinners, etc. WESM also involves its members with research, including garden bird counts, game counts in national parks, etc.

Fun Activities & Fundraisers

WESM hosts a variety of activities to get you out there and involved. From family field trips, formal dining in the wilderness, to quiz nights and guided nature walks or camping overnight in our national parks, there is something for every taste. Join in and have a great a time while supporting a great cause!

We also produce a popular yearly wildlife calendar, comprised of photos taken by WESM members. They make great gifts, and support our conservation work!