This is WESM’s 70th Anniversary! We will be having a special event each month to celebrate this milestone

WESM has been dedicated to protecting Malawi’s remarkable diversity of animals and habitats for over 70 years. Strictly non-profit, we rely on donations from individuals and businesses in Malawi and from around the world to fund our work.

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‘Catchment Management in the Shire River Basin and why Malawi Should Not Pick a Fight With Tanzania Over the Lake‘

Presented by Dr Eliot Taylor, Team Leader, Shire River Basin Management Project, Catchment Management Component

Tuesday, June 13th
6:30 for 7:00 pm
Blantyre Sports Club
Everyone welcome

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It is time the yearly WESM sojourn to Mwabvi, Malawi’s southern-most wildlife reserve. Come and experience the stunning rock formations, trees, caves, and view points. The grotto and river area is exceptionally beautiful, and the Rock of Doves has to be seen to be believed. There might be not much game to be seen, but the bird life is excellent.

Open only to WESM members (I will bring forms along for people to join!) Aside from that, the only costs should be the park entry fees and a small amount for scouts and camp maintenance. There are no facilities at all, so EVERYTHING will have to be brought with you. Sunscreen, food, water, toilet paper, a shovel should all be brought with you.

Last year, camping at Migudu costs $5.00 per person per night, firewood $1.00 per bundle. Park entrance payable on entry $7.00,Malawi citizens K450, Vehicle $3.00.There will be a charge from WESM of K5000 for each person to pay for campsite slashing and other expenses. For those going with scouts on a walk, the costs can be shared amongst those hiking.We also ask you to join WESM if you are not already a member. K6000 for a single membership, K10,000 for a family membership - fees can be paid at the campsite.

It is a two hour drive from Blantyre on an excellent road, with a short distance on a dirt track at the end. Very few people ever get to experience this wonderful place. Families are welcome! Come along and experience Mwabvi with WESM!

Email Dave ASAP at to reserve your place. You can see photos from last year’s Mwabvi Camping Trip on our website…

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MAJETE WALK - (A Test of Endurance and Bravery Amongst Wild Animals)

This is a very special outing that is very popular each year. A rare chance to walk through to the heart of Majete, and camp overnight beside the Shire River. We will go in groups of 12 accompanied by 2 scouts This opportunity is only available to WESM members, and is well worth attending! Must be over 12 years of age to participate.

We will walk from Kapichira to ‘our’ campsite just south of the confluence of the Mkurumadzi and Shire Rivers, camp by the Shire overnight then return to Kapichira. This of course passes through the best game viewing areas. All cars should be driven down to the entrance gate at Majete and Park Entry Fees paid. DO NOT enter the Park there but carry on and park at the Majete offices. Walkers are advised to carry a day pack with a snack, use sunblock, wear a hat and carry plenty of water. The latter is essential as it can be very hot. (Pack your swim gear as we usually wallow in the Mkurumadzi). All walkers’ heavy equipment (within reason) tents, sleeping bags, food, wine, more water will be driven into the campsite. There will be plenty of firewood at the camp, two grills with plenty of hot water for tea etc so there is no necessity to take heavy gas cylinders unless particularly needed. Insect repellent is advisable for the evening.

- Park Entrance: Malawi citizens: USD 4, Residents: USD 10, Internationals: 20 USD

  • Fee for walkers: K10,000 per person

  • Fee for campers: K3000 per person

  • Yearly WESM membership: K10,000 per family - K6000 per individual

Campers who do not wish to walk are very welcome to drive their own vehicles in and join us at the campsite. Entry fees must be paid to African Parks for all participants.

All participants must be WESM members - we will have forms for you to join on the day. There will also be a charge of K10,000 to cover costs of scouts, slashing, etc.

We meet at Blantyre Sports Club carpark on the Saturday at 5.30am SHARP.
(It is essential that those wishing to take part contact Paul asap <>)

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WESM Kids Discovery Workshop will be held on Saturday, March 25th, 10 am at Game Haven. This event will be just a part of Game Haven's huge fun/fair day, which promises to be an exciting event. Rachael Cooper Bohannon, Blantyre's new bat specialist, will lead the discussion on bats, with a craft to follow.

The Game Haven Fair has no entry fee (I believe), although there will be K1000 charge per child (K500 for WESM members). Geared for primary school aged children. Please register so we have an idea of how many children are coming. Spaces may be limited!

10 am - 11:30 Game Haven

MARCH 25th & 26th

Citizen science comes again to Blantyre. Just spend a one hour (although longer is also possible!) in your backyard sometime on the weekend and make a note of each different species of bird you see. We recommend from 6 am to 7 am, but any time will do! If you can accurately identify a bird by sound, that can be counted as well. If you unsure of the species, you are welcome to send in photos or descriptions, or you can just leave it out.

If you want to try it, but would like to join someone, several gardens might be open for the event. Dave Montreuil will be doing the count in his Sunnyside garden on Sunday morning. WESM members are welcome to join him - email first to make sure there is room -

Tiwonge Gawa, our resident ornithologist, will tabulate the results and compare the findings to other years.
Lists to complete and sample bird guide can be found on our website here. I have also included a list to print out on the next page. Email completed lists to

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Thanks to all who had a hand helping, donating, and attending WESM's 70th Gala Celebration Dinner at La Caverna, last Friday night. The weather half heartedly tried to dampen our spirits, but a combination of plastic sheets, umbrellas and a large marquis kept us (mostly) dry. Wine was drunk, music was played, people laughed, and K909,200 was raised for WESM - a huge fundraising success!

Photos are up here, if you care to have a look!


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Everyone is interested in this! Available now for K6000 for WESM members or K6500 for not-yet-members at La Caverna, Crystals, and Jambo Africa. Photos by WESM members, proceeds go to conservation!

(Did you notice the sparrow peeking over the calendar? :))


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